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The film documents the first two weeks after Russia's attack on Ukraine. The main protagonist, Egor Lesnoy, is an environmental activist, blogger and influencer from Irkutsk in Siberia. His greatest love is Lake Baikal, where he free-dives under the ice in winter and clears the lake bottom and shores of trash with like-minded people in summer. Until February 24, 2022, he was full of hope for a better future. But on that day, his life changed entirely.   
He and his family stand pars pro toto for many, mostly young Russians, who do not support their country's policy and do not want to remain silent about the war of aggression. Despite the threat of imprisonment, they protest against it in the streets and in the media. Many are arrested, convicted and often ostracized by their own countrymen. Egor Lesnoy said:

"I never thought the majority would support something like this. Our homeland is being taken away from us. This is the worst thing that is happening to us. Even in our own country we don't belong anymore. Just because we are against the war."

Meanwhile, millions of people have left Russia. They leave their families behind, abandon their homeland. Most of them are ashamed to talk about their pain and anger. They feel guilty for their country, but they do not want to be portrayed as victims.
Our film is an attempt to give these people a voice, to clarify their motivations and fears. A story that has hardly ever been told so intimately and close to the protagonists...


Germany 2022
Director: Anna Winzer
Producer: Thorolf Lipp
Commissioninig Editor: Ulrike Lovett (BR)