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South Seas Collection Obergünzburg

South Seas Collection Obergünzburg

"The guided tour around the South Seas Collection starts with the deepest well of the world, that takes us directly to the other side of the globe - to Papua New Guinea. That is the start of an exploring trip through the world of the sea, through the jungle, passing a South Sea village…"

At several media stations visitors can choose and watch audiovisions on manifold topic, transporting atmospheres and impressions from the present South Seas. There are both sumptious images from nature and wildlife above and under water, as well as scenes from daily life as well as spectacular rituals from today’s Pacific cultures.

Besides the historic objects the permanent exhibition includes an original, traditional hut from Southpentecost/Vanuatu. This hut was dismanteled in January 2009 and reected within the museum in the course of a collaborative intercultural project, with guests from Vanuatu and local citizens working together. The hut itself as well as the complete interieur, with all the typical objects of everyday use, has become a place of vivid experience within the museum. Aspects of everyday life of a contemporary Pacific culture, the Kastom-Sa from South Pentecost, can be communicated in a special way by the things and the stories associated with them.

The translocation of the hut took place in cooperation with the Forum deutsch-pazischer Begegnungen e.V. Obergünzburg was one of three „places of encounter“ in the context of the overall project „UrSprung in der Südsee – An encounter with Pentecost landdivers“.

On the history of the collection:

The "seafarer from the Allgäu" Karl Nauer sailed with the coastal steamer "Sumatra" amongst the Melanesian islands in the first decade of the last century. Commissioned by the "Norddeutscher Lloyd" he also explored Pacific Island between 1906 and 1913 on several research trips. He brought back articles of daily use and ritual objects, like weapons, sculptures, ornaments and precious death masks carved out of tropical wood. More than 1500 object from these remote islands came to the East Allgäu. Karl Nauer gave over his extensive private colletion to his home town Obergünzburg in 1913.

More informaton on the South Seas Collection Obergünzburg:

Translocation and Re-erection of a traditional hut from Bunlap Panlimerebing/ South Pentecost/ Vanuatu
Production of audiovisions for interactive media stations, Arcadia Filmproduktion, Berlin.