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Being Master of the Castle

Being Master of the Castle

30 years ago Paul Wiest came to Creußen in Upper Franconia and moved into the 700-year-old castle of Bühl. Having been used as a place for malt-production, he wanted to transform it into a fairy-tale castle.
Today Paul Wiest uses the whole grounds - outside and seven storeys inside - as storage place for antiques and junk. How does a small historic, 'tidy' town get on with such an 'attraction'.

The camera accompanies Paul Wiest over several months, within his castle and during his work, listening to him and his friends, as well as to the mayor, the town's voice.

2005 - WorldFilm - Tartu Festival of Visual Culture (
2004 - kontrast - das Bayreuther Filmfest (; 2.price of the public contest.

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  • D 2005, 30 Min. (Location: Germany)
  • Script: Martina Kleinert
  • Director: Martina Kleinert & Thorolf Lipp
  • Camera: Thorolf Lipp
  • Arcadia Filmproduktion