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My Papa, The Momk

The eleven-year-old Barbare and 17 other children between the ages of 2 and 13 live in a Christian Orthodox monastery on the outskirts of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Most of the children are orphans or come from socially disadvantaged families. However, the word "children's home" does not cross anyone's lips here: the children live like in a large family, cared for by several monks and nuns who are all "daddy" and "mummy" for the children. This liberal educational concept is due to the monastery's head father Johannes.

Father Johannes is not only known among believers in Georgia. He is considered a wise man and a saint who has helped many people. There are countless legends and stories that tell of the miracles that Father Johannes is said to have accomplished. In his monastic community he promotes a spirit of freedom beyond ecclesiastical dogmas. At the same time he has a very high moral standard - both for himself and for all parishioners. Some time ago he took a strict vow that will soon lead him to the hermitage on the glacier of the highest Georgian mountain. But for the children he is the most important reference person. Will he find the strength for im-mer to say goodbye to his children? The day of the planned farewell is approaching, but the children don't know anything about it yet ...


D 2016, 43 & 52 Min., produced for mdr/ arte
Script & Director: Anastasia Vinokurova
Camera & Producer: THOROLF LIPP
Soundrecording: ARTEM FUNK
Commissioning Editor: KATRIN MATERNA (mdr)