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Kava - The Drink of The Gods

Kava - The Drink of The Gods

This film is a journey through three countries in Oceania: Samoa, Fiji, and Vanuatu. It gives insight into kava rituals as they are carried out today. Through kava, a drink made from the roots of the pepperplant, friendships are formed, visitors welcomed, and chiefly authority sanctioned. But even though kava is increasingly bought, sold and consumed within non-ritual contexts, even tough it is extracted, packaged, and produced for global markets,  kava is more than just a cultural relic; it is becoming a symbol of identity for many Pacific Islanders as for Oceania as a whole: Kava will always remain: The drink of the Gods.

2000 - Ethnofilmfest Berlin (

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  • D 1998, 58 Min. (Samoa, Fiji & Vanuatu)
  • Script, Director & Photography: Thorolf Lipp
  • Bayerisches Fernsehen (2001)