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Adire - Indigo Textiles amongst the Yoruba

Adire - Indigo Textiles amongst the Yoruba

The main part of this film deals with the complicated and time-consuming production of these cloths which, just a few decades ago, were daily commodity, mainly as clothing, but nowadays are barely produced. The important steps of Adire production and its varying techniques are shown as well as the social environment  in which it takes place. Originally, Adire was a strictly female handicraft, whereas nowadays also men can learn the Adire production.

Nigerian artist Nike Olaniyi Davies, who became popular through her contemporary Adire works, has been trying for years to revive this old handicraft. She founded a centre in Oshogbo in which Adire is taught. In this centre, the „Nike Centre for Arts and Culture“, the film was shot from June to September 1995.

The film was funded by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Cologne.

1996 - 6th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, Canterbury (
"Adire - Indigo Textiles amongst the Yoruba" was awarded "Best Film" in the "Material Culture" category.

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  • D 1995, 45 Min. (Location: Nigeria)
  • Script, Photography & Editing: Thorolf Lipp
  • Coproducer: TMT Film- & Fernsehproduktion
  • For Heinrich Böll Foundation, Cologne